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Splash CAM

enjoy the home of your dreams while we brighten the view!

window cleaning & powerwashing

Denise /pictured above at the

Great Smokey mountains and John
Have lived and worked
in York county since 1995,
John is originally from Southern Western Germany near Switzerland and came here when he was 5,German & Italian  = American!
Denise has roots in WV, with parents that are mountain people, 

both are very hard workers and believe in what they do..Denise and I had been doing windows and floors for almost ten years in the York and lancaster and reading areas, for almost all commercial hair salons ,as a subcontractor for Floomasters,we got very good at it as there were time limits to get the salons done, although it was all night work, so Denise and I started in 2007 trying to get more window cleaning accounts, to try to live in the daylight again;)  I also realized I loved to clean windows more than floors,

and so we started Splash Window Cleaning after a trip to Dolly's Splash country, I thought it would be nice to have a fun theme that went along with window cleaning, besides you really do have to splash the windows good to get em clean. We also started using rain x on the windows to try to make them look good each month until the next cleaning, because I noticed they really needed cleaned again after about 2-3 weeks., well it worked and made them look more like they were done the week before after a month, so now we use it all the time, we call it Splash-X rain protectant, on almost all of our jobs at no additional costs to the customer, it's only a slight  miracle ,but it does make the work last longer, thanks to new technology. Denise and I (John), are very trustworthy people, we've held the keys to businesses and residential homes for over 10 years, with no worry from our respected customers..

John decided  at the beginning he would use  or make a swiveling squeegee. and found Wagtail of Australia, he has been on a mission to help wagtail innovate their tools with waterfed principles

and John and  Denise use Wagtail specialty tools exclusively and  have a fond relationship with Willie from Wagtail cleaning tools.

John is currently  making a squeegee mate " invention of his own and hopes to patent this and sell it one day.. 2016

, we are there for YOU not the other way around.

 and we require no contracts to be signed. We are licensed, bonded, and insured . We even offer incentives for referring family and friends!

Splash Window Cleaning is licensed, bonded, and insured

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We try  to use only Eco-friendly cleaning products!

Since 2018 John has started using purified water with his water fed inventions/squeegees , this leaves less residue and makes the glass stay clean ..much longer !

York PA window cleaning, York PA powerwashing, Lancaster PA window cleaning

Lancaster PA powerwashing


Maintenance & glass treatment

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York PA window cleaning, Lancaster PA window cleaning, Lancaster PA Powerwashing, Lancaster PA Window cleaning ,

We believe no dream is too small or too ambitious for your home we aim to help!


Most of our business comes from referrals. This is because of the excellent service we provide. Below, you can read actual comments submitted by our customers from York and Lancaster,PA areas , also some photos of their businesses..

I update with new information and videos, pictures etc constantly to the right on the facebook feed     >>>>   >>>>

5160 Lincoln Hwy  York, PA 17406

+1 717-252-4153


We use Wagtail water-fed  cleaning tools