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  • Window Cleaning with Australian Wagtail water-fed Wagtail Squeegees

and Brushes , and nano treatment

  • Power Washing/ safe soft-washing/foamwash*
  • Gutter whitening
  • Pool areas power-washed safely
  • Walks
  • Patios power-washed
  • over 380,000 windows cleaned! since 2001
  • York -Lancaster  PA areas and surrounding area

  • a popular trend among our customers is to purchase
    a Christmas or anytime gift certificate for their parents or son/daughter's home, and then have
    us come out in spring to clean their windows at their convenience all paid for !! we accept  Visa, Mastercard and all the major credit cards /debit cards now for your convenience and time saving feature..
    Have a great season..John and Denise :)

3 packages to choose from
1. Splash window cleaning 
Includes frames and sills power cleaned and Splash rain repellent applied,
screens also cleaned with water-fed brushes and water-fed wagtail squeegees.
2. House washing;
Includes safe-softwashing  new FOAMWASHING & high pressure hose rinsing/sudsing above 2500 psi and cleaning of  cobwebs ,bugs etc., around frames
and sills and outside window cleaning , we clean the algae and mold off , we recently did the York area regional police station-2014 ..
3. full power wash and window
    cleaning combo
Includes house/softwashing house ,frames & sills lightly, and then clean and shine
Windows ( Housewashing only prices usually run about the same as window cleaning) remember- , we've taken on apt communities and John and Denise have gotten extremely good and fast at it..

( Our most popular service this summer
Hot Savings.. Book your-
3. Full House wash and window
    cleaning combo :Normally-
(360$+ $300 COMPLETE -Window cleaning special  & House-washing for..
an unbelievable-
Complete  Combo Special;
starting at  $500-mention this ad to John

for 2 story colonials types)-York and Lancaster Areas!

  Softwashing,-Special -Includes House washing house ,frames & sills with low pressure, and then clean and shine
Windows ( Housewashing prices usually run a little more than window cleaning, but close to
the same.) We soft wash /FOAMWASH your house with special detergents -free of algae and dirt to make a completely shiny exterior to go with Your shiny windows!
(includes taking screens out and lightly power washed clean!
then we clean and protect your windows with (Splash guard window treatment to make them shine longer! free..)

splash window cleaning and powerwashing

"Splash Window Cleaning" call us for the most value
The Best family operated Window Cleaning & Power washing co. in South Central PA!
we use new methods to insure cleaner windows- cleaner than just water fed pole companies"and that stay' cleaner (..with Green Friendly Rain X ..)  longer'also the same principles in safe-softwashing/powerwashing..methods that makes it last longer..we aim to lesson the burden of cost associated with maintenance" while still providing exceptional you our neighbors.. 3/2013 -"Splash did a wonderful job on our windows and they are faster than our previous window cleaners, because of the equipment they use"
Jimmy Macks" cones and clubs"  

Splash uses waterfed wagtails developed by John and Willie
himself of Wagtail cleaning tools. 2013 these waterfed squeegees give instant results of a great shine"




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York PA window cleaning, York PA power washing, Lancaster PA window cleaning, Lancaster PA pressure washing

York and Lancaster PA's #1 Pressure washing Service along with Window cleaning combo Specials!



MT JOY,  PA Window cleaning

& Pressure washing

Elizabethtown, PA Window cleaning& Pressure washing

York PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

Lititz, PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

Lancaster PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

Harrisburg, PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

Hershey, PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

Lebanon, PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

TIMONIUM MD Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

& Pressure washing

DOVER PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

EPHRATA PA  , RED LION PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

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Window cleaning & Powerwashing Combo's
for an incredible $500 for a small/med 2 story colonial home, thats a value! York,PA window cleaning, Lancaster,PA window cleaning, Harrisburg,PA window cleaning & powerwashing,  powerwashing and window cleaning. SPECIAL for York and Lancaster PA areas  ..DECKS ..ABOUT 150$ SOFTWASHED!

Here's a video of Wagtail Willie my bud from Sydney Australia ,demonstrating what we're using.. gotta love his accent;) using the fastest window cleaning tools available on the planet! Since this video was made wagtails are now waterfed!

York and Lancaster PA window cleaning & pressure washing


Residential Window cleaning including wiping sills on all jobs, and free application of Rain x, Nano coating & screens cleaned 
We utilize the latest technology of water-fed pole systems and still
use our wagtails on many too , we have incorporated Wagtails into water-fed technology, we are presently the only ones doing this around.(john has adapted and engineered it.) they work unbelievably well with pure fresh water as opposed to the old bucket method.

Residential window cleaning pricing:

  The 2022 rates are at about 8-12 $ a double hung window for residential, this includes insides ,outsides and screens ,sills, and remarkable -free Green friendly rain-x applied on some windows(without screens) (complete cleaning package deal)   Wrightsville area customers may qualify for our specials

call John at 717-252-4153  FREE 717-252-4153 to see..

Commercial Window Cleaning including same as above

Commercial window cleaning pricing:

at about 1$per linear ft for commercial 1 story  [Action Motorsports of York]

or 1-3$per window

New construction window cleaning
General cleaning-residential and commercial office cleaning
Power-washing ; pricing varies on home size and soiling but an avg of 300-400$ is standard in many cases, this includes soft
FOAM -wash safe cleaning as recommended by the Pressure washing Institute which John belongs to, this new method safely cleans better and more efficiently than previous methods- employed by many bargain companies,  we will also clean your walkways for free with a house cleaning..internet special, ) up to 50 feet.
Combination of Power washing and Window Cleaning is a popular bargain,
a more detailed version of pricing for powerwashing is about
$1.50 per linear ft for 1 levels
2$per linear ft  for 2 level
3$per linear ft for 3 level

Decks range from .45 cents a square foot to clean for basic cleaning
and 60cts sq ft for acid clean ..more thorough..
Gutter whitening: is .  3 $ per linear ft up to 3 story

Denise Cleaning Diane's place of Ski Liberty

THANK YOU FOR VISITING:    1 OF York and Lancaster PA's   #1  Pressure washing Services- along with Window cleaning combo Specials!   SAVE -$$$

Text    717-252-4153 for John or Denise

SPLASHFOAMWASH.COM   safe low pressure foaming house washing

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We use Wagtail water-fed  cleaning tools

York PA window cleaning, York PA powerwashing, Lancaster PA window cleaning

Lancaster PA powerwashing

window cleaning & powerwashing


MT JOY,  PA Window cleaning
& Pressure washing

Elizabethtown, PA Window cleaning& Pressure washing

York PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

Lititz, PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

Lancaster PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

Harrisburg, PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

Hershey, PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

Lebanon, PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

TIMONIUM MD Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

LUTHERVILLE MD Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

DOVER PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing

  , RED LION PA Window Cleaning
& Pressure washing





Services Offered: Window cleaning & Powerwashing Combos
What types of window cleaning services do you provide?

  • Residential -Interior window cleaning -Exterior window cleaning
    Window sills & Screens skylights Sticker or adhesive residue removal-
  • Storm Window Cleaning
  • Seasonal Cleaning Services:
    Spring and fall window cleaning packages
    Holiday or event-specific cleaning services

  • Customized Cleaning Packages:
    Tailoring services based on customer needs
    One-time or regular maintenance plans

Do you offer both residential and commercial window cleaning?

  • Yes -commercial Retail storefront window cleaning
  • Office building window cleaning
  • Pressure Washing Services:
    Exterior surface cleaning (e.g., window exteriors, building facades)

Pricing and Quotes:
How do you determine the cost of window cleaning?

  • ​Number and Type of Windows ,Window Accessibility
  • ​Interior and/or Exterior Cleaning -Condition of Windows
  • Frequency of Service-Add-On Services-Location and Travel Costs
  • Specialized Cleaning Needs

Can I get a quote for my specific needs?

  • Yes we can come out and give you a customized quote

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs?

  • No hidden costs unless extra service is added

Scheduling and Availability:
How soon can I schedule a window cleaning service?

  • in the peak season customers should schedule in advance
  • at least a few weeks.

What are your operating hours?

  • Mon-Fri 8-6pm or later and some Saturdays 

Do you offer weekend or evening appointments?

  • For an extra charge depending on distance etc

Process and Techniques:
What methods do you use for window cleaning?

  • we use purified water and specialized waterfed squeegees
  • and waterfed scrubbers-and squeegees Made in Australia 

Are your cleaning products environmentally friendly?

  • "Our window cleaning products are carefully selected for their environmentally friendly formulations, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious practices."

Do you clean both interior and exterior windows?

  • Yes

Insurance and Guarantees:
Are your window cleaners insured?
Do you provide any satisfaction guarantees?
Safety Measures:
How do you ensure the safety of your team and my property during the cleaning process?

  • "We prioritize safety by implementing rigorous protocols to ensure the well-being of our team and protect your property during the window cleaning process, employing industry-standard safety measures and utilizing equipment designed for both efficiency and precaution."

Are your cleaners trained and certified?  

  • Yes they have been extensively trained by John and Denise 
  • and learned techniques from the Pressure Washing Institute 

Reviews and Testimonials:
Can I see reviews from previous customers? Yes
Do you have any testimonials or case studies?

  • yes there are some on our site & on our Facebook business pages

Payment Options:
What payment methods do you accept?

  • We accept Cash ,check and Credit cards

Is payment required upfront or after the service is completed?

  • When the job is complete and you are happy with it!

Cancellation and Rescheduling:
What is your cancellation policy?

  • We would like to have a few weeks notice , we rarely have them

Can I reschedule my appointment if needed?

  • Yes please give some advance notice that 

COVID-19 Safety Measures:
What safety protocols do you have in place, especially in light of COVID-19? here.
Our technicians carry masks on the truck