Satisfied Clients

Sandy Paquette ,York, PA, ...I have been very pleased with the 1st rate  cleaning jobs the Kimmel's have given us for over 10 years.

Jean Geesy, York, PA ..It is a pleasure to recommend the Kimmel's for all of your business or residential carpet cleaning.

Ron Whitman; East York, PA..."I liked their work , & I will call Splash Window Cleaning again" ..2010

Robert Heap- I can recommend the Kimmel's and Splash Window Cleaning svc without reservation. They are efficient, reasonably priced, easy to work with and prompt with their service.  Wrightsville, PA

Mrs Cheryl Thomas, Wonderful people and they do a fantastic job! They go above and beyond to make their customers happy!  Lancaster, PA

Ms Joanne Barnett-  I think they do an excellent job, inside and out. They can do my windows anytime!   Dover, PA

Some of our satisfied commercial accounts we do;


2022  added another kevlar pole for              softwashing

          made yet another waterfed                    squeegee


a typical house wash /foamwashing lasts about 2-3 years in most locations before the house starts getting green again ,many customers in areas near water or trees get house washing every year




HE RECENTLY DID THE YORK AREA REGIONAL POLICE STATION FOR A REFERENCE --York PA window cleaning , York PA powerwashing, Lancaster PA window cleaning, Lancaster PA powerwashing.

John From Splash Window Cleaning brings varied experience to make your jobs as professional as you'd expect;

Worked for Baltimore Sheet Metal Workers Union ;design,fabrication,installation and maintenance of Commercial Skylights, glass installation,framing on skyscrapers and major malls

Founded New Wave Waterbed & Furniture Service;Installed , moved ,disassembly,and repaired various types of specialty furniture thru the military, water beds,German shrunks,wall units, etc..all types of waterbed repairs ,draining..etc

Kimmel's Painting Co.; all types of residential and commercial painting, also Industrial painting of machinery, Harley Davidson's ,Etc...

G & S Communications and Comcast : Independent communications contractor, Installation ,repair,
maintenance of cable tv

Independent Representative For a large Promotional Products & specialty advertising CoPresently; owner of Kimmel's Complete Cleaning and Splash Window Cleaning  & Powerwashing since 2001,
Denise is my partner and co founder of Kimmel's Complete Cleaning, she has over 20 yrs experience in cleaning , ranging from residential to institutional cleaning.
(Floors,Windows,General Cleaning) window cleaning with wagtails from Aussie land has revolutionized the way the jobs come out, much better! New for 2011 the "swoop"

John is involved in helping develop New for 2013/2014/2016-2018 Waterfed Wagtails this is a revolutionary tool that combines water fed technology with the traditional method of window cleaning..with pure water technology and without

Moonstone Manor
a beautiful mansion for exciting weddings!
York area regional police
Hamanassett Bed and Breakfast
Kennett House Bed and Breakfast
Nissley winery
Westshore Country Club
Sweetwater Farms
Wendy's restaurants

Action Motorsports

B&B Yamaha

The Cycle Den

Gr Mitchell Cabinetry

Famous Country clubs of York

Jim Macks Ice Cream

Movie theaters!

Black olive restaurant

Firehouse subs!
Kmart stores! 
Kinsley construction
Personal owner of Rutter's Farm Stores
..John and Denise Did a great job on our windows and powerwashing.. 6/ 2014/15/16/17/18

We are  Cleaning Specialists;

We  specialize in Detailing, 1-4 story window cleaning, Bed and Breakfast, and Country Clubs,

also  Powerwashing,and can do some floor waxing, /cleaning for select individuals, chandelier cleaning,

window sills, mullions,. Denise and I are well-trained cleaning specialists , experienced & use proven and new
methods and techniques that achieve remarkable results. We arrive on time, are extremely
courteous, and respect the property of each customer. 
We enjoy cleaning your windows and making your building and you look more successful,
as we've noticed in our travels, towns that have sparkling windows on their buildings seemed
more successful, and the people actually seem happier that work in those places. We will also
clean down your sills and frames to make them last longer.

We are based in the beautiful Susquehanna River area, between York and Lancaster ,PA

2001-2009 Cleaned windows & waxed floors for major Holiday hair salon ,smart styles and turkey hill chain stores all across south central PA

2007-2009 started Splash Window Cleaning not doing floor waxing svc much after tractor trailer night time hit  n run on us

With the addition of our new Australian Wagtail tools in 2010 and 2011, 2012, we are able to do a faster

and better job for you

unger vice versa and conventional system with poles,

2010 added; wagtail line of tools exclusive..
20' pole for longer reach,
telescoping ladder 22 '

Started Splash Powerwashing/softwashing !
30' pole for increased reach
wagtails© new line
Powerwasher with full set up
for siding of house cleaning

upgraded power washer set up
added driveway cleaning, and patio cleaning, Pool areas,
added rust removal products *,
Wagtails new line again

started out with pre treatment, and
by the end of 2013 we're using
waterfed wagails
with treatment already in the mix!
added water fed pole window cleaning!
to go along with application of Rain X,
  (we have two options -water-fed  pole with brush or water fed  wagtails! we are the

only company in the world to do this with water-fed wagtails!)
Wagtail's new orbit and water-fed systems
Reach It water fed system
Surface cleaner for power washing driveways,
turbo nozzle for power-washing brick
and Foam xjet for stucco houses and buildings
Wagtail jetstream
Wagtail Slipstream
Wagtail Combi jet
Wagtail mini flipper jet

added !
upgraded softwash system for powerwashing! with new Foamwash!
New improved Waterfed wagtail slipstream squeegee!
more to come..
New 10ft powerwashing lance with x jetted system!
Wagtail "swoopstream"  by Splash'
Mini wagtail Jetstream' by splash
Doodle stream invented by Splash'

2015; new upgraded more powerful Honda powerwasher
New upgraded Foam cannon
new wagtail precision glide

  • added water-fed ability to new precision glide
  • squeegee!
  • *new waterfed wagtail brush conversion -

2016; added the new wagtail wave window cleaning tool and waterfed Swipe

added the waterfed HIgh flyer wagtail squeegee,

  • added wagtail 40 foot carbon fiber waterfed pole! for 4+ stories!

added wagtail High flyer Pro!

added Wagtail waterfed turbo brush

  • added Splash waterfed sill brush
  • started making Splash Waterfed Carwash/motorcycle brushes,

2017; invented hydro feeder system

added waterfed hydro high flyer scrubber squeegee

  • added hydro feeder micro squeegee
  • added hydro feeder precision glide squeegee
  • added waterfed wagtail brush with turbo jets

Hydro scrubber for flipper squeegees invented by John!

  • Hawaiian Foamwash scent for housewash -2017! added mini high flyer flow waterfed squeegee

2018: added new wagtail "Flow" waterfed and traditional squeegee

  • invented ultra light wagtail bandit squeegee
  • I would like to personally thank Wille from Wagtail cleaning tools in Australia without his help we would not be so successful ..
  • pure water swivel jet
  • wagtail water bra
  • waterfed detail brush
  • invented special  waterjet for any squeegee or brush
  1. ​made wagtail detailing tool


  • made tiny waterfed brush for frenchies
  • ​made lithium powered purified water system
  • for waterfed wagtails

2020: got simpole kevlar super high                     poles  and super tips!  for                             powerwashing to 

           reach higher buildings in high                  winds!

           bought new powerwasher and all               new updated equipment , to                       replace stolen from junk people

           at development


​         got  dutch co. moerman                             flippers, made into waterfed  

​         New Van!

  this will also help to keep prices low for our existing customers),
as we are using the fastest window cleaning tools available on the planet!

. Denise and I are ready to make your day better and take some
 of the maintenance burden off of your shoulders, so you have more time to spend with your family.

these are the areas we generally cover, Areas we clean windows & Power-Wash

in are York,PA, Lancaster, PA, Millersville, PA, Landisville PA, Red Lion PA, East &

West York PA,Willow St., PA, Elizabethtown PA, Harrisburg, PA,
Mt.Joy PA ,Craley PA ,Brogue PA ,Spry PA ,Dallastown, PA , Centerville,PA .

Wrightsville PA ,Hellam, PA ,Lititz, PA ,Manheim,PA, Hempfield Shopping Center PA,

Columbia PA ,East Prospect PA,
Mountville PA ,..Downington PA,Coatsville PA, BrandyWine area PA, Kennett Square,

PA,  ,Leader Heights , PA , North York , PA ,Ocean City,MD ,Berlin ,MD,

Rehoboth Beach ,Delaware, Ocean Pines, MD,  ..more as I think of them..

York county window cleaning  Pa , Lancaster county window cleaning PA window cleaning and powerwashing
Harrisburg PA Dauphin county area window cleaning and powerwashing 

window cleaning & powerwashing


SPLASH cam>>


Famous Country Club Of York

5160 Lincoln Hwy  York, PA 17406

+1 717-252-4153


We use Wagtail water-fed  cleaning tools

a testimonial for Splash Window Cleaning off the web; Kathleen  Red Lion ,PA
These people are amazing! VERY strong work ethic. Very reasonable prices. Very customer focused. AND nice! They really did a great job! You just can not go wrong. I am very picky when it comes to services rendered because the standard these days seems to be mediocre. Not with Splash though. Maybe it's not that I'm so fussy, I just expect what I pay for. Splash delivered that.. and then some. I have told all my friends and neighbors to call them, and you should too : )


Splash Window Cleaning &
"We Love to clean windows"
John and Denise Kimmel
655 Bull run rd.
Wrightsville, PA 17368
this page created;. 10/2010 :

Please email me ,if you are interested in helping fund an invention (solar alternator) or Solarnator that would provide constant solar power in any light conditions! even on cloudy ,rainy days !   24/7.   I started this project 14 years ago because I believe the World needs something like this very badly in order to survive nowadays.this whole principle is just what this world really needs it could be used for almost anything that requires energy/power to remote as well as metro parts of the country and world, it would be incredibly beneficial to farmers worldwide, and even make possible a car that could be entirely solar/electric without the need for sunlight! why are you waiting?  I realize some industries would be affected temporarily ,but new industries will arise as a result, I realize it will take money and change, modification to our ways, and bank accounts for a while, but will pay off in no time, will the earths oil last much longer for our children's children?  who will help me help us become a more self sufficient earth and us all richer. Imagine kids in Ethiopia having food and water because of solar/light powered farms and water sources  instead of us having to ship it to them! Imagine your home being off the grid, no more electric bill, the possibilities are completely endless...with the new gulf problem this is more important than ever..( 9/2013 now with new developments in energy storage/conversion there is a major possibility this can work..)...... here we are 5 yrs later still no solar alternator ;) 2015 ok 1-2018 after thought on this a mini solar generator from artificial light in a portable hair dryer would be the place to start! ;)

Thank You...John Kimmel
for visiting

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